Give Yourself to Others …

Have we missed the point?

Posted on: 2006/12/28

This will sound somewhat heretical to some — less so to others — but, I think a lot of folks have missed an important point in their reading of the New Testament.

Jesus’ focus doesn’t seem to be as much as creating an organization, as it is on changing the basis of living life. However, if you look at the way Christianity manifests itself today, you pretty much have to conclude that we’re more interested in the organization.

Jesus seemed to debunk organization all the time. He regularly chastised the Jews for missing the point of the Law.

Look at the Parable of the Good Samaritan. The Priest and Levite both “passed by on the other side of the road,” because if they stopped to help this poor guy, they might become unclean and be unable to perform their priestly duties until they were purified.

Isn’t that something — they created rules that made it wrong to stop to help someone who needed their help.

Contrast that with Jesus’ view, who taught to give yourself to others, even when it’s inconvenient for yourself.

Christians get together because of their need for encouragement and support from other Christians. Living as a Christian is hard and difficult. We need each other. But the goal of getting together is not to build an organization, the goal is to help each other.

The organization does not provide the path to God, it’s just an association of everyone who has already found the path and are just trying to keep going.


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