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The Simple Message of Faith

Posted on: 2007/01/20

The more I contemplate the message that Christendom conveys to both believers and non-believers, the more convinced I am that overall, people get the wrong message about God, Jesus and what faith is supposed to be about.

I hope it goes without saying that I don’t think anyone’s doing it deliberately. We just get so caught up in some minutia that we focus on the wrong things, which just perpetuates a misdirection.

Obviously, I need to elaborate.

Here’s how I see the message of the New Testament writers:

  • God loves us, but in order to have a righteous relationship with God, we must be without sin, because God does not allow imperfection to be in his presence.
  • Man, by himself, is incapable of such perfection.
  • Because God loves us so much, he sent his Son, in the form of Jesus, a man, to earth to demonstrate what God expects of man.
  • In spite of his own perfection, Jesus was killed by man — but on his way to death, he says to God, based upon Jesus own love for man, “Blame me for all the sins of men.” In effect, Jesus says to God, I love men too much for them to be separated from you because of their sin.
  • God says, I cannot let Jesus carry the burden for all the sins of men, so I must forgive him, and as a result, forgive all the sins of men. And he raises Jesus from the dead, to let everyone know that Jesus was forgiven of the burden of men’s sin.
  • God then says to us, “If you will believe that Jesus was my son, and you will try to live as Jesus lived, then you’ll be okay with me.”

So what is required of man?

To believe that Jesus was the Son of God, that he died and was raised from death, resulting in the forgiveness of our sins; and that all God requires of us is to love one another, the way Jesus loved us, and died for us.

It’s when we try to elaborate on this message that we get messed up. When we try to build an organization that we get distracted from the message of God.


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