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Do You Love Me?

Posted on: 2009/03/30

I’ve been considering things related to the suicide I wrote about last week. And I’ve learned a new more things about his circumstances.

A couple of things jump out.

First, it turns out (and probably not a surprise to people who know about these things) that he’d been planning his suicide for some time. Searching the internet for information on how to do it.

Second, no one realized what he was considering. Not his girlfriend. Not his parents. Not his family or friends.

At the funeral, his uncle pointed out how many people were there. He highlighted the fact that his nephew must have felt very alone, and perhaps, unloved or loved for the wrong reasons — whatever. But look how many people came — the fact was that lots of folks cared for and about him.

But apparently, he didn’t realize it. How sad.

My wife, Linda and I were reflecting back on the “dark days” of our youngest son. They lasted from the eighth grade thru college (with some relief for a couple of years in the middle of all that).

We remember how hard we had to work to make sure our son knew we loved him, no matter what.

Our story came out okay; not so for our friends. But no one could predict which way that might have worked out.

So, what’s the point?

Just a reminder to make sure that the people you love know it. Say it often. Demonstrate it often. Don’t put conditions on it.

And just when you think you’ve done that enough, do it some more.

That’s what Jesus meant, when he said “Love one another, the way I have loved you.”

Our friends would gladly give their lives for their son — but the chance to do that has passed.

1 Response to "Do You Love Me?"

David – I don’t recall how I got to your blog just now; perhaps providentially to let you know I love you. Have I mentioned that before? Wait a minute. Does your not having said this to me mean you don’t love me, or don’t yet know whether or not you do (since we’re not close), or you’re not following the very good advice of my friend, David Himes? You needn’t clarify; besides, I may never find it back here. I’m bad about stuff like that. Love, bc

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