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I’m prone to asking questions that sometimes make others a little uncomfortable.  Which this post may do:

Why does God teach us to pray?  Want us to pray?

After all, if we acknowledge that he knows everything already, what is it that we can say that he doesn’t already know about?

And then again, the Text tells us that what we pray for can be messed up, so Jesus, in a sense, re-interprets our prayers before they are presented to God.

I know many people expect the miraculous intervention by God into the lives and, often, health of those we pray for.  I’ve certainly prayed for that … but am bewildered why he would seem to intervene sometimes and not others.  Is his intervention a commentary on the faithfulness of those doing the praying?  Or, on the life of the person being prayed for?  We certainly cannot know the answer to that!

So, why pray?

This is my answer … it may or may not resonate with you, but it makes sense to me and seems consistent with everything I read in the Text about prayer.

Prayer is an act of submission.  It is evidence of our willingness to prostrate ourselves before the Lord and conform our will to His.  It is a sign of our willingness to follow the Lord in the face of any event in our lives.

If we are sick … submit to the Lord.

If we are well … submit to the Lord.

If we fail … submit to the Lord

If we succeed … submit to the Lord.

Prayer is also an act of awareness.  It is an acknowledgement by us that the Spirit of God is always present in our lives.  He is with us.  Every day … every hour … every moment.

Here is how Max Lucado put it:

Change your definition of prayer. Think of it less as an activity for God and more as an awareness of God.  Acknowledge His presence everywhere you go.

That’s why it is so valuable … important … beneficial to pray incessantly.  Not because it’s a “command” but because it reminds us that God is with us.


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