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I have a friend, Bill Clark, who, for many years, lived in Israel, while he translated the New Testament from the original Greek into Aramaic, so that Palestinians could have a translation in their own language. An ancilary project was a new English translation, which he doubted, The Galilee Translation Project (GTP). If you’re interested you can get a copy of the translation at no cost, by following this link.

What sets this translation apart from others is Bill’s translation of the word, agape, one of several Greek words typically translated into English as love. Bill makes a strong case that love is a poor translation of agape, because the English word has so many different levels of meaning and because its common usage often allows readers to misunderstand what the New Testament writers were trying to convey.

In place of love, Bill translates agape as “giving yourself to others, for their good, expecting nothing in return.”

I’m not going to elaborate on that for now, because such elaboration is really a major part of why I’m starting this blog.

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