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The story of the Rich Young Ruler appears in Luke 18.  This very well to do young man asks Jesus what he needs to do deserve eternal life.

It turns out the young man has kept the rules.  But inspite of that, Jesus replies  it’s still not enough, and tells him to give away all his money.

Is Jesus’ response to the young man a command?  another rule to be followed?

If it is another command, then most of us have failed to keep that command.  And thus, are condemned.  After all, even the poorest American is richer than 90+ percent of the world.

Or, was Jesus saying this:  You’ve pretty much kept the rules as you know them, but your heart is still captured by your wealth.  You’ve not really given your heart to God.  And given this fact, here’s what you need to do …

I think it’s that later.  Because keeping the rules is only an exterior measure, and the real point — the only point that’s important to God — is who has your heart.

It’s possible that when the rich young man asked his question, Jesus might have replied, “Yes, you’ve followed the rules, but you really missed the point.  Let me explain what you’ve missed.”

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