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When I plan to met someone at a public place, if they’ve never seen me before, I often tell them I bear a close resemblance to Santa Claus — mainly because of my mostly white hair and white beard … as my picture will attest.

And during the Christmas season, I enjoy filling in for the jolly old elf, in spite of myself.

But there is an interesting analogy between putting on my Santa Suit and labeling myself a Christian.

David as Santa Claus, with a little friend

When I put on my Santa suit, I have to always be prepared to represent Santa to children.  I can’t be Santa and be a grouch — or a jerk — or be impolite — or short-tempered.  I have to be willing to be Santa and everything that goes along with that “stereotype.”  If I’m not willing to do that I shouldn’t put on the suit.  When anyone sees me, they should say, There’s Santa!

And that’s the way it should be as a Christian, as well.  If I “put on Christ”, then when anyone sees me, they should say, That’s guy is a Christian.

There are a lot of implications that go along with that.  And I’m not saying it’s easy or simple.  I’m just saying there is a parallel.

Obviously, it’s easier to put on a suit to then look and act like Santa Claus.  One reason it’s easier is because I can take the Santa suit off and people don’t automatically think of me as Santa.

But then the remaining question for both you and me is this:  Do people think I do as good a job of representing Jesus, as they think I do representing Santa?  Shouldn’t they?

I think the answer to that should be, “yes.”

I was doing my periodic perusing around the internet today, when I recalled a web site I’d visited a long time ago:

I hope you’ll check it out — and even if you don’t visit it, I hope you think about the idea of random acts of kindness.

It’s unremarkable for anyone to return a compliment or kind jesture, but it’s another thing when that kind act just comes out of the blue and the “actor” doesn’t ask for anything in return.

To most of us, our friends are those people who give back to us, the same kind of caring, sharing, consideration, assistance … that we give them.  After all, “what are friends for.”

Agape — the kind of love that Jesus showed towards us — is when we go out of our way to do the unexpected and unexpectedly require nothing in return for it.

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